February 13th

How to Be Healthy Part 3: Get Enough Sleep and Water

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This is part 3 in the How to Be Healthy series. Read part 1 on eating real food and part 2 on making exercise a habit.

The last major components to physical health are sleep and water intake. While changing your diet or starting to exercise can be pretty involved, incorporating more rest and water into your day is straightforward. It just requires willingness and some planning.

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January 16th

How to Be Healthy Part 2: Make Exercise a Habit

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This is part 2 in the How to Be Healthy series. Read part 1 on eating real food.

There is no substitute for exercise. Just like eating and sleeping, our bodies are designed for exercise in order to function well. The benefits of exercise are clear...

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January 7th

How to Be Healthy Part 1: Learn to Eat Real Food

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The Internet is filled with advice on how to be healthy. Some of it is true, a lot of it isn’t. Most of it ignores the core components of physical health in favor of recommending the latest “super” food or juice “cleanse”. These aren’t the tried and true methods that have allowed people to lead healthy lives for decades.

I’ll give it to you straight. If you want to be healthy, focus on building these habits: eating real food, exercising consistently, and getting enough sleep.

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January 3rd

Introducing Starting Health

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what it takes to become healthy. Starting Health is a blog that breaks down our society’s often misguided ideas about physical health into clear facts and actionable steps.

This venture was born out of my realization freshman year of college that though I wasn’t overweight, I was far from healthy. I played sports on occasion and avoided the worst junk foods, but I had some bad habits: not exercising regularly, staying up late when I had to get up early, slouching all day, and eating mostly grains and meat. Ultimately I was lazy with the way I treated my body.

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January 1st

How to Set Fitness Goals: Just Do Something

If you haven’t held a consistent exercise or workout routine in a while (or ever), don’t make lofty goals. For most people this doesn’t work.

Let’s say it’s New Year’s Day and you’ve committed to a healthier year. You’re inspired by your fit friends and decide to set aside an hour a day, 5 days a week to exercise.

That’s a great end goal, but two weeks in you’ll realize it’s hard to go from 0 workouts per week to 5. You’ll get busy, decide you don’t have the time/energy/willpower to spend that hour working out — so you do nothing. Fast forward a week and any routine you started has fallen flat.

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